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BashCon 2013
So I got up Friday morning and went through all of the usual manic dancing that is involved when you have to be somewhere at a fixed time with 300 miles of highway in the way. I breezed through the BashCon pre-reg line, and was in the main gaming area with a couple of minutes to spare for the first T&T session of the con, only to realize that the game was off in a private room somewhere. I went back to registration, commandeered a guide, and was only slightly late for the start of the most recent installment of Tom K's persistent convention campaign. It was a familiar group; Tom, Robin L. and Jerry T. were Trollhalla denizens with whom I had gamed before, likewise Trollgod and convention special guest Ken. I knew Alex from the zombie killing exercise at last year's Bashcon; the only stranger was Jerry's son Liam, whom I knew by reputation. It was a good group.

When you let a designer PLAY his own game, you can expect him to dominate, and Ken did. I have learned, after a few sessions with Ken, that while I may not always follow his logic, I can absolutely trust his luck, and this was no exception: we later found out that Ken had led us around the majority of the session's ugly encounters. It was a good session, light on combat, heavy on role play and silliness, with just a touch of terror thrown in. My only regret was that I let myself be talked into playing a warrior instead of my usual wizard; once again, the more comfortable I am with the character, the more fun I have, and I didn't know this guy AT ALL.

I passed on the after game group meal in favor of heading back to my hotel for as much sleep as possible; next year i will have to join the crowd at Red Roof Inn and spend less time driving and more time socializing. I stopped at Steak & Shake for a fast burger, and heard two fellows at the next table talking about dinosaurs fighting fish. I had to ask what game they were talking about, and ended up eating with them, and getting their contact information.

Saturday morning I was back for the next installment of Jerry's T&T Zombie Apocalypse. Tom also played, as did a couple of strangers; our companions had mostly slept in. We started where we had ended last year, in the parking lot of UT with a functional car, some decent weapons, and a collection of supplies. Tom began by freaking out and crashing the car, and then things calmed down. I turned out to have a strange moral influence on the group. When we confronted a gas station operator defending his property with a handgun, I said we should EITHER pay him like good little mice, or ambush him and loot the store; middle paths made no sense. The group didn't want to pay, but weren't ready to commit murder, so we gave him some cash and went on our way. Later, we encountered some STOOPID looters (they were stealing televisions AFTER the power went out...) We gave them a chance to leave us alone, and when they didn't take it, we killed them from ambush. That was an interesting event for me: A character with my name, and nominally my stats, stepped out of cover and fatally shot another human being in the back with a shotgun. My various avatars have killed a LOT of people over the years, but this was a couple of levels closer to the surface. It didn't mean nuttin', but I was aware of it.

Next came lunch with Tom, Robin, Jerry, Alex, and Ken, with much good conversation, followed by a T&T History panel starring Ken, some errands, another mealish thing, and another Ken panel, leading eventually to T&T Ragnarok. Tom and Jerry had set this up as a three GM scenario, but their third GM had bailed, and I found myself pressed into service as Hel (and minions), recycling slaughtered warriors. There were some minor glitches, but all in all in went well, and I had a good time GMing, and my players actually enjoyed themselves. At least they were laughing as I tortured them.

I said my goodbyes, and headed back to my hotel. Another late night stop at Steak & Shake put me in the company of two OTHER gamers, and more good conversation. I finally got back to my hotel, slept, and made my way home.

Uncle G'Noll