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BashCon 2014

BashCon XXIX was this last weekend, and I have now attended three times in a row. This is turning into my favorite con. The facility is great, the size is about perfect for me, and I know just enough of the regulars to make it comfortable.

I had trouble getting out of the house on Friday morning, actually failing to make it in the morning at all. I arrived at the con an hour after Tom Loney's traditional Friday night T&T game started, and I opted to not try to insinuate myself into the game in favor of socializing with some friends I had made the previous year and crashing early for a good night's sleep. The socializing went well, the early night not so much. But then, I have always had a REALLY hard time walking away from conversation.

On Saturday I ended up playing in three different Peryton Publishing games, run in turns by PeryPub's owners. First, Tom Loney ran a play test of his "Glow" post apocalyptic T&T descendant; I played an android art historian (No, really.) in the company of two four-eyed mutant animals. We bypassed a couple of Tom's traps by virtue of the usual combination of cleverness and paranoia (WHY have you been carrying a bicycle on your back for fifty miles, and we didn't NOTICE it?), and generally had a good time. We also, apparently, burned up our daily ration of cleverness before noon.

After lunch, four of us took on Robin Lea and "Qalidar: Resistance", a contemporary techno-fantasy in which the players try to discourage trans-dimensional corporations from exploiting a hole in the universe and making things worse. We cleverly avoided a few opportunities to question friendly locals in favor of bluffing our way into the local Corp building, mugging a guard, failing to hack the computer with magic, and getting trapped in a storage closet with heavily armed hostiles waiting to ambush us outside the door. At that point, apparently, the stupid pills wore off, and we were able to escape without leaving any friendly bodies behind. We did kill a completely innocent forklift, though...

After a supper break, Tom ran another player and me through a session of his "Crawlspace 13" game, in this case a Hammer Films inspired vampire scenario. I played a Van Helsing analog, and somehow found myself playing the character in the "Igor" voice: Upper class English, singsong, with a SEVERE lisp. I lisped my way through words the human tongue was never meant to lisp, and the table had a great deal of fun with it. This was good, because I REALLY botched the scenario, accidentally trapping the vampire INSIDE the boarding house when I sealed the apertures. Most of the NPCs died, and the vampire ran off with the sweet young thing. Oops.

Anyway: Not enough sleep, lots of good gaming, and lots of good conversation. Kwai Chang the Dragon Caine (think about it) was a big hit; I got stopped and complimented on him several times. Shout outs to Trollhalla denizen Jerry T. and his son Liam, and to Bryan S. and Jody S., in addition to the aforementioned Tom and Robin, for making it a great time.

Uncle Hyena (who is also G'Noll in some universes)
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