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Hyena's RPG: The Shopping List
So I am weaving an RPG out of 40 very odd years of scraps. Here is the design brief:

FAST, intuitive, NON-RANDOM character generation. I may throw in some random options for players who insist on the "play what the dice give you" ethic, but I will do it reluctantly. Material possessions will be handled by fiat, mostly. If it makes sense for characters to have something, they do; if not, not. (Think in terms of the ten minute set ups of OD&D and T&T.)

Fast, evocative, BLOODY combat. Combat should generate good stories, and terrify the players. Simplify weapons and armor down to irrelevance. (My model for combat is RuneQuest I/II.)

An internally consistent magic system that allows for a BIG range of character power. (GURPS is probably my main model, but there is input from all over the place.)

An economic system that I believe in, to whatever level of complexity is possible, when I get around to it. Everything will be based around the "historical minimum wage" of 1/10 ounce of 90% silver buys a day's unskilled labor (valid pretty continuously from 500 BCE to 1500CE...).


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