Tiny Epic Quest Comments

Now that I have played the game once, and THEN read the rules and carefully examined the pieces...

We missed a few things. First, in scoring, Legendary Weapons are worth four victory points each; this is listed on page 19, and at the bottom of the score card .  Second, you don't have to declare a quest when you start down a temple track. To the contrary, you can actually complete more than one quest at the same time; note the word "both" under the first bullet point under "Exploring Temples" on page 15 of the rules. Third, red goblins turn green immediately when a meeple passes through or enters their spaces. Fourth, meeple limits per space are all over the place: Only one in goblin portals, only two of different colors in a given temple, one of each color in grottoes or at obelisks, and no limit of any kind at castles. Fifth, you get the "Idling" bonus if you have at least one meeple in ANY castle, not just your own.

Finally, I made up the following, which has all of the hard to see details written out. Having a copy of this in circulation would make things MUCH easier, I think, since the castles and temples are easy to identify from any angle or any reasonable distance. (LiveJournal has mangled the line breaks; some reformatting will likely be needed, but it should all go on one page.)


Tiny Epic Quest Location Details  

Blue Castle — Hydra Spell — Hydra 

Green Castle — Rabbit Spell — 4 

Red Castle — Bear Spell — 7 

Yellow Castle — Hawk Spell — 9  

Desert Temple — Scroll — Scorpion Spell — 2 

Fire Temple — Scroll — Lion Spell — 5 

Forest Temple — Torch — Spider Spell — 3

 Ice Temple — Torch — Wolf — 8

 Shadow Temple — Torch — Snake — 1

 Water Temple — Scroll — Dolphin — 6  

Blue: Sword — Water, Shadow — Scroll, Torch;  Shield — Ice, Desert — Torch, Scroll;  Staff - Forest, Fire — Torch, Scroll  

Green: Sword — Forest, Water — Scroll, Torch;  Shield - Shadow, Fire - Torch, Scroll;  Staff - Desert, Ice - Scroll, Torch  

Red: Sword — Fire, Ice — Scroll, Torch;  Shield — Water, Forest — Scroll, Torch;  Staff — Shadow, Desert — Torch, Scroll  

Yelllow: Sword — Desert, Forest — Scroll, Torch;  Shield — Fire, Shadow — Scroll, Torch;  Staff — Ice, Water — Torch, Scroll  

Mushroom Grottoes: 

Gain two energy for each Hero you have outside your castle. 

Gain two life for each Hero you have outside your castle. 

Deal one fist to a Goblin that one of your Heroes is attacking. 

Advance one of your Heroes one space on a Temple Track. 

Conjure two mushrooms. Advance the Magic Token forward two spaces on the Magic Track. 

Move another one of your Heroes up to 3 Map Cards. (Count Map Cards orthogonally.) 

Roll the dice and use any torches and scrolls to advance any of your Heroes on their Temple Track. (Ignore all other symbols.)



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